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Next Challenge Jun 23

Going to do the 8 week winter waist challenge at the gym!


Let see how this goes.  tough mudder at the end of it.

The PT factor Nov 09

Four sessions down and really loving it. Having a personal trainer to keep you on track is fantastic. It fits with my limited attention span, or rather my boredom factor.

I think a problem in the past has been that I hate routine, or rather routine training. I get so freaking bored with it that I stop, cheat or just don't make the effort. Well Trent is well ahead of me there! Every session is different. Sure there are repeats of stuff, but I never know what or when, and that works great for me.

The other thing I have already noticed is that my energy levels are up, way up. The sore muscles afterwards are good as well. Rather have a few worked muscle pains than days of damn arthritis

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