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Reason why I don’t read Michelle Malkin (or consider her relevant) Feb 23

Today I was searching for something an came across Michelle Malkin site again.  I’ve read her stuff a few times and always left wondering how its possible for someone to actually make money out of the vitriol and also how someone can actually belief there own words.

So anyway I have a fairly open mind so thought I’d have a quick read of her latest work.  Naturally she had to find something wrong with the jobs bill.

Her opening sentence is that even the Associated Press say the new bill won’t create many jobs.  This really got be interested so I followed the link.  Now interestingly the link didn’t go direct to the Associated Press article which is here.

Instead her blog points to this article at the Heritage Foundary, here. (I’ll also be very fair here that the Heritage Foundary does include a reference to the Associated press.

Now very interested I read the actual Associated Press article, and recommend anyone who follows Ms Malkin to read it, as it makes for some interesting observations on fact twisting and dodging, and plain old lying.

The Associated press says the the bill won’t create many jobs because alot of the bill is actually TAX CUTS.  Now what is so very very fascinating is that republicans and conservatives have been saying that job creation will only come from tax cuts.    It would seems Michelle Malkin was very obtuse about the actual real article as it actually completely contradicts what she wants to say.

Small problem thou, some of us actually do read the references!  This is very sloppy blogging, so I think I’ll wait another six months and check back to see if there is any change in factual nature of her writing.  I’m not putting any money on it.

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