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Next Challenge Jun 23

Going to do the 8 week winter waist challenge at the gym!


Let see how this goes.  tough mudder at the end of it.

Thanks for the support Feb 13

 Thanks so much for all the great inspiration.  It's really working.  Into month four now of the lifestyle update and it's becoming ingrained abit now.

Habits are improving all over the place.  I love going to the gym now as its just so enjoyable.  It does not hurt now that the results are becoming more and more obvious.

The news today on my blood pressure has made me really happy as its now down to the level where no medication is required.  When I first started it was at such a level that immediate medication would be normally called for.  Next test is my cholesterol, if that has come down it will be even better.

Overall it's just going so well.  Today we did a full cardio workout with heart monitor to work on keep my heart rate above 130.  First goal was to get it up to 155 on the treadmill.  Bloody Trent has gotten me fit enough that it was just sitting on 132 and not moving up.  The machine kept pushing the incline and speed up, but 132 it stayed.  Had to get to 12 on the incline before we even got near the target.

Next rowing machine again with heart monitor.  Row 250 meter hard, then rest until heartbeat is back to 130, or a minute.  Do five sets.  First set heartbeat won 1 sec before the minute!

It was great feedback to see just how fast my recovery time is now.  Trent is really happy with the progress I have made!

And did I mention I now fit and L size shirt.  My work clothes are now super baggy and really looking bad.  Will keep them for a while yet as its hiding the work in progress.  My old work shirts feel like tents now.  So stunning!

Trying to knock me off my perch Dec 07

Awesome day today at the gym. Cardio with weights.  Was doing great until the interval rowing, when it all started to go abit, then a lot wrong, as the cold from last week said 'hello big boy' again.   Finished that set and between gasping for breath had to concentrate on not throwing up as my stomach when into over drive.  Had to rush outside twice with fear the breakfast banana was going to come back.     I did mention to Trent that it can't be the best advertisement in the world having someone standing at your front door hireling breakfast in there gym clothes.   He was just grinning like a chesire cat and kindly offered a bucket!   Still awesome feeling after doing it again. 

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