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Less than 48 hours to go! Mar 28

The waiting is almost over!!!  I can't believe its been almost a year since I signed the contracts for this apartment and now its going to happen.

So many delays and changes its been a heart breaking roller coaster.  Date on the exchange of contracts was 21st April 2011 and settlement is booked for 11am 30th March 2012.

Nothing left to do now.  Got the final settlement figure for the bank cheque this afternoon and promptly went and had it drawn up ready for Friday morning.   A nice aside is that I've still got funds left, but that will dwindle as movers have to be paid and other costs, but they have all been budgeted for!

Movers are booked for 4th April, so should be able to move in that day!  Thursday is go pick up the dogs day and bring them home.  The really hard part of all this has been that I've had to leave them with someone else for 6 months now.  I have visited a few times and know they are in great hands.  For Ranger he has spend more time at his birth home than with me, so for him its just same old.  Tonto on the other hand may have had some adjustments as he has had a hard life of being moved around alot the last few years. 

I take some solace that they are not actually in a kennel, but with the breeder that I got ranger from and have been spending all there time out playing with other cavalier dogs and had loads of space to run around in and others to play with.  If i they could send postcards they would probably read "just keep paying the bills, we like it here!"

The delays have however had some excellant effects thou.  I've spent the last 6 months living in the Shire and found I really do love it, so know I will be happy being just up the road from Cronulla beach, and will be back many times to walk the boys on the beach, or go running along it myself.  The best benefit is that I've gotten my health and fitness back on track.  15kgs of fat gone can't be a bad thing!!  Besides the weight loss the other huge indicator of health has been my blood pressure.

Over the first 3/4 of 2011 my BP was at very very high levels and consistently so, the only reason I wasn't immediately put on medication was previously while it had been high at time in Japan it had come back to normal many times.  It was checked very often with all the cancer stuff going on!

The team at Activ8 took it as well when i had my assessment.  Again not good and consistent with the doctors measurements.  But it started going down, and kept doing down.  A month after starting the life plan change it had dropped enough and significantly enough that we would just watch it.  3 weeks ago with new Doctor it was hmm normal/high, but white coat syndrome also applied.  I now have a cool device that plugs into my iphone and records it, today it was confirmed with the Docter – totally 100% frekking normal.  No need to do anything at all with it.  Thats a damn fine result in my book.

All my family have high blood pressure and I don't!  But it does mean i have to keep up this health plan.  But I'm ready for it!!

Mar 07

Says it all really.

A Fantastic Weekend in NZ Feb 22

I'm back now from one of the best weekends home ever.  I was going back for the wedding of my neighbors daughter whom I have known all her life and her parents known me all my life.  

I was wondering if I should go, then the last time I was home the brides mother hit me up and basically gave me the look which is equivilant to the hand behind the back and I caved.  Walked out of that so happy as it was a good choice!

Went back and spent the thursday catching up with old friends which was great, then the Thursday which should have been quiet I was pulled into the extended Hens night and had a great time.  Mine started at 11pm with Tequila shots and went on from there.

Probably kept my parents far to awake when we got back, but they didn't rush off to bed either.   Staked alot of demons that night and felt while it was not the best way to do it at least got alot of crap out of the way.  

Friday was catch up on sleep then some other old friends arrived and it was just so nice to see them.  Great food, good wine and just a very pleasant night.

The day of the wedding was also the unveiling of the grave of a very old family friend and it was just so right to be there for that.  Didn't know many of the people as so many years had passed but those I did see was brillant.  

Then we settled into the wedding.  The valley turned on the best day of summer yet.  Clear blue skies and mirror calm sea's.  With a slight wedding gown malfunction out of the way it all went off according to plan.  Well a plan that wasn't quite the plan.  but if you didn't know it was you didn't know.  

The liquid refreshments were all in force and the food was sensational.  

Now i want to be very careful about how I describe the wedding dinner as my words could be taken wrongly.

The best way to describe it was incredibly honest food.  How so?  Well the wedding was held in our remote valley miles from anywhere so catering is abit limited.  You could pull in a top chef etc from Auckland and it would cost a fortune.  

The food that the local catering company along with local contributions served was entirely honest to area.  Not 4 or 5 star but totally and utterly in keeping with the area.  Then and this is the important bit.  Honest and local included fresh oysters, crayfish (aka lobster), new hams, excellant beef.  (along with lamb kofters for starter, local smoked mussels) and full array of local salads.  Oh and also a locally made Ceviche of fish and another of mussels and kina (thats is sea urchin for those not in the know).

All of it was done just right and it was sensational.  Good fresh local food served well is all you want and I can't think of a better large number catered for dinner in a remote place that pulled it off as well as they did.  It was so good.

My oldest by family sister is now married to a wonderful man and it was just one of the most memorable days I will have.  Yes tears where shed by me and alot of people.  Whats really cool is well as my mum who is a married celebrate got to marry them.

More latter on this weekend maybe as alot more happened after the wedding, but maybe thats for me to know and maybe one day share, be assured I left on late sunday with a profound sense of things being right and thats always a good way to feel.


Why is my bedroom so interesting to you? Feb 15

I am struggling to understand today why so many people around the world (okay America is a big starter, but Oz is close behind) are so interested in what I might be doing in my bedroom. Or following on from that most of my life.

Thinking very decisively on this the only time I spend any real time being involved with what other people are doing is at work, and that is because I charged to ensure we produce the right results.

So now I ask all of you, beyond that what interest do I have in other peoples life.  None.  Huge and clear.  

With that next question is why are so many people who should have lovely hetrosexual relationships and marriages going so all balistic on what is going on with there own bedroom and finding some reason to get involved in mine?

Whats going on.  Are there relationships and home life so lacking that for some reason they feel the need to go invading my home life.  Seriously what is lacking here.

If your interested my bedroom is done in a set of grey shades that match some of my own photo's taken from Tokyo.  Looks great  Oh and most time i spend my nights with my dogs sleeping the other side.  I guess that will now become fodder for the right wing on deviant behavour 

Seriously people.  Who each and every one of us spend time with and sleep with is really our own business.  Personally to me I have so little time to deal with all that is going on with my life that taking time out to protest against others makes me wonder, where do they find this time?

I am not going to say what is right or wrong, but ask everyone, let me live my life as I want to. I promise I won't tell you how to live yours.

Hit the odd stage of not quite? Feb 14

Been a great few weeks overall.  Had a wonderful time down south even though the concert in the vineyard was cancelled.  Was supposed to see Hall an Oates with IceHouse as the starter.  Unfortunately the weather had other ideas.  It was still a great weekend ina country get away location with good friends and we had a great time of food and good wine.

Waist wise it wasn't to bad as had kept a track on Friday, but saturday was my off day.  Hey, a lifestyle eating plan is 80-90% good with a 10% space to be a little over.  Wasn't like i sucked down an unending supply of hamburgers.  Thou the gluten of Sunday from one did not go down well.

Back on topic.  Still going to Trent 3 times a week and he is really making me work now.  The "Welcome to the nice side of fitness" is well gone and he just pushes me all the time.  The cardio goes up and the weights go up, and I'm not complaining at all.

The topic of this is that i caught myself in the mirror today with no shirt and thought, hmm.  Not fat anymore, but not thin either.  The odd stage of maybe this is going to work, and there is now a huge difference, but not there yet. 

Maybe not next week, or even the week after, but the change so far, wow.  Its nice to take a little time and look hard in the old mirror and say, "you know what, not where i want to be, but bloody well done so far!.

I'm subscribing to the all the diets now (well ex gluten), but going to keep counting the cals.  Have a great app for doing that.

Using 'mynetdiary' which is semi free and very good.  Also thou I'm using 'myfitnesspal' for my friend and its also fantastic.  Will probably switch to it when my subscription runs out.

What I have found is that counting calories does work.  Its not hard, and what it really does is give you a damn good idea of what counts.  I no longer count most fruit and veg (which corresponds with most reasonable diets).  

What is do check is pasta (an non gluten can far worse than normal stuff).  The suggested serving on most pasta is horrific!  Also meats need quite some checking.  

Actually while protiens are worth checking as supermarkets often sell 4 portions but in reality its actually 6-7 standard ones its the CARBS that scare me. 

Not going to endorse carb free.  Thats silly but pure carb foods are really dangerous as you can eat far more than you should.

My other little odd one is oil's.

I will always endorse using olive oil, or other good vegetable oils, but say, watch it.  the cal count is huge x huge.  and it scares how much people use thinking its good for them.  It most certainly is good, but check how much you add.

Lets take a 50 gram dried pasta and 30 grams olive oil.  cooked that 200+cals for the pasta and 90+ for the olive oil.  Nothing else added.  Sure, throw in some low cal garlic, chillie and your good for a meal.  But I think if you saw what 50grams dried pasta is cooked you would be back in the bowl for more.  And suddenly your at 800+ for a meal. 

I'll stop now as i don't want to preach.  Just for me know what i eat and what gives the most value in falvour vs Cals has worked I'm down 6kg's and dropping fast.  Pants still 36, but a very very easy 36.  Shirts down to Large and fitting easy.

something along all the above is at least working for me.



Thanks for the support Feb 13

 Thanks so much for all the great inspiration.  It's really working.  Into month four now of the lifestyle update and it's becoming ingrained abit now.

Habits are improving all over the place.  I love going to the gym now as its just so enjoyable.  It does not hurt now that the results are becoming more and more obvious.

The news today on my blood pressure has made me really happy as its now down to the level where no medication is required.  When I first started it was at such a level that immediate medication would be normally called for.  Next test is my cholesterol, if that has come down it will be even better.

Overall it's just going so well.  Today we did a full cardio workout with heart monitor to work on keep my heart rate above 130.  First goal was to get it up to 155 on the treadmill.  Bloody Trent has gotten me fit enough that it was just sitting on 132 and not moving up.  The machine kept pushing the incline and speed up, but 132 it stayed.  Had to get to 12 on the incline before we even got near the target.

Next rowing machine again with heart monitor.  Row 250 meter hard, then rest until heartbeat is back to 130, or a minute.  Do five sets.  First set heartbeat won 1 sec before the minute!

It was great feedback to see just how fast my recovery time is now.  Trent is really happy with the progress I have made!

And did I mention I now fit and L size shirt.  My work clothes are now super baggy and really looking bad.  Will keep them for a while yet as its hiding the work in progress.  My old work shirts feel like tents now.  So stunning!

How the hell did that bit get sore? Feb 09

Have been trying the last 10 days to squeeze in abit of running between the gym sessions!  The esplanade in Cronulla has got to be one of the most pleasant of runs, (verified even when raining).  The plan was good, the achilles tendon not so good!

Seems somewhere in the last few years I've changed shape (wow, rocket scientist needed here to figure that out) and pronate when running.  opps.  

Trent had me stretching it a few different ways, and with a weekend away in wine country (again opps on the diet) I thought we had it cracked.  Alas not, next run on Tuesday (5.3km – wohoo) it was not happy.  So next session we did some really deep stretching with the roller.  Well one of them has you all folded up origami style and roll onto your hip!

I nearly hit the roof it was so painful, and the switch of the left side did have me yelping.  The really interesting bit is that I hadn't felt anything there before, no pain, no twinge.  But trust me it was damn sore.

Just done the stretches for Thursday and still sore, but amazingly afterwards everything feels abit looser and relaxed.  squeaky freaky!

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First milestone Feb 04

 I did something very new to me yesterday.  Well probably the day before.  I brought a shirt which was not a XL.  Instead I brought a large.  The shirts I have have all started to get abit baggy.  Let’s not even start on the pants!



The good feeling on Friday was putting on the large shirt and it not just fitting but looking like it should be worn.  Been an incredible two weeks of change.  Shape just all changed.


And damn it feels good!


Bring on the next size down.  For some reason my trainer seems to think I can get down to an M size.  Not going to doubt him on this!

Time to trade in your Personal Trainer – I think not Jan 25

So it's now 3.x months in with the personal trainer at Activ8 and the rest of the team.  Time for a review I guess as well, since well my assessment on Wednesday to see if I'm as crap as fit as I was when i came back from the US.

Easy answer, not likely.  Didn't hurt I took out the full package and that was not cheap.  But then again when I lived in Japan and had to do all my first cancer the chemo stuff left me 8K USD out of pocket.  There was a huge refund, but it comes down to how much do you spend on your health.

My totally easy answer is as much as it takes.  Why because you can have huge amounts of money stashed aside for the things you want, but how can you spend any of it if you health is crap.

Even easier answer, every dollar/cent spent on your health is a good dollar.  It breaks down to even easier.  If you can't walk somewhere to see/do something, then your healthy is wrong.  I know.  I've had an underlying issue with Arthritis for so long it stopped me from many things.  Feck the cancer, this was actually the weekly issue.

Since working with my Trent (My PT from Activ8) i'm on the least amount, basically nil amount of arthritic  drugs ever. I still maintain a daily intake of some non medical druges, the best i have found is Procasmine from USANA.  Not cheap, and i won't advocate for them, but it seems to work for me.  I also know that losing a few kilo's and working all my joints in the right order is the best thing ever.

And that is why you need a PT.  An expert in how to work your body.  Its possible you can get crap ones, but lucky for me I didn't. 

He has me working out on some exercise and doesn't go off to answer some FB message or other, I can see him checking every move I make and looking from all angles to make sure I'm doing it correctly.  Ps.  his counting along with mind is Shite.  We just work it out that somewhere between it all it was a good effort!  And yes I work in banking but at 7 am my brain is not working.

So, do you get a personal trainer. My easy answer is yes.  If you hate going to the gym and been given a circuit to do, then get bored.  Chop and change.  Get a PT, they make it so much more interesting.  I never know what is going to hit me each time and I fecking love it. 

Photo's to come, but looking so much better for it.

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House and Boys Update Jan 20

With all this fitness and healthy stuff going on I've almost forgotten that I've brought a house, or apartment.  Take your pick. I call it a house as it will be home!

Lastest news is that work has restarted and they should have all the paperwork done by the end of the month.  hmm not sure of that as there is still a huge hole for the 2nd car park entrance.  But at least the weather is good now so things can move along.  The information before Christmas was a mid feb move in.  

As all my documentation is now in place i can go for an early settlement if i want, and will see how that pans out.  As I'm going back to NZ for a wedding on the 18th it could work out fine.

Might be able to come back to my own home, and then move in!  

The hardest bit of all of this has been that the boys have had to be away boarding down south.  They are back with breeder that I got Ranger from.  Its worked out really well as she only has Cavaliers so they are with 'friends'.  Its also alot better than a boarding kennel where they spend most of the time locked up.  At least here they have the whole day running around with other dogs in a huge yard, and for Ranger it will be home.  Tonto I do worry about as he has been abandoned once already.

I did go and see them late last year.  It was a moment of weakness really as I just felt so bad!  Tonto would not let me put him down for 20mins.  I stayed for an hour and at the end of which he was happy to go eat in his house so working on the idea that he had seen me enough, everything was good so food time!

The bright spot is that when this is all finally over both of them will come home permanently.  No rental, no moving, just home!  A worry was that Tonto was developing a grey fur on top of his eyes which is an age sign.  I'm hopeful that it was just abit of imagination, or if not when he come home to his easy and carefree life again it might go away.

When Tonto first came to me he was in the best shape ARK could give, but it had not been the best for him as he needs constant human attention.  In a few months and high quality food he had radically improved.  Now he is on his special diet he is even better.

Can't wait for them to come home.

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