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Brass Monkey Nov 20

Had amazing time at brass monkey, dinner and a show with Jon English


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Almost Finished Nov 17

Swung by the apartment yesterday afternoon to have another look at it as we are getting down to days left of construction (if the builder is to be believed).

Looks like it will be mine just after christmas, or if things go swimmingly well just before.  Won't really matter as won't be able to move stuff into it until new year, and the boys won't come home until i get back from family centenary in NZ.

Hope they like there new home.


From Apartment 2011





From Apartment 2011









Zen and the art of BBQ Oct 31

Finally got around to getting the BBQ!  Took some time as I only have a small space to put it into.  After some checking things out I went with the Billabong 2 Burner from BBQ's galore.  All worked out really easy.  Did I mention I love my new car as well!  Mazda 3 Hatch – PERFECT for carrying BBQ's.  

Put it all together Saturday night and then only wasn't hungry at all so didn't get to test drive it with the rib eye steak i got from the meat specialist over the rail tracks!  (Did i mention I love my new homes location!).

Not to worry as had friends coming for lamb and lunch!  John brought some prawns so the first thing that sizzled on my BBQ was prawns.  Its terribly cliche and I couldn't give a damn!  It was fittingly perfect.  And the prawns after a marinade of garlic and chilli were BBQ grill perfect! 

The lamb also worked well, took a little longer to cook than I expected but came out tender, juicy and ultra flavour!  Gave a spin to a new salad as well.  Mango, Feta and red onion with squeeze of lime on top.  So so simple, and very tasty.


A great way to spend an afternoon.  Tonto has decided that he also love BBQ and all the little bits people feed him cos its out doors.

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Game over Sep 11

Welcome back to the southern hemisphere. What a great way to finish my first week back.

New Zealand won 23 / 22. Very close game and excellent finish.

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