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Going back to some old Projects – OpenHab2 from SmartThings Jul 29

Been along time since I got to pull out my mad science stuff and whow I have way to my kit and projects

About a year ago I started using Smartthings (thou not available in Oz). Seemed like a great system and I got the hub, sensors and it could use my wemo switch’s and lifx bulbs. so all good.

Well problem was not the actual system, that still seems to work quite well. The issue has been the quality of the sensors. Been thru 5 different smart sensors and they have all died on me.

Got to the point that hardware is totally crap and just does not work.

Switched now to Z-Wave (australian model) so also had to get an Australian Z-Wave stick then put it all together with OpenHab2 and after abit of a learning curve it works way better that Smarthings.

The configureation of OpenHab does need alot of learning about the how do code it. But it does work relaiably.

There is hope that Smarthings from Samsung might work out better, but until they can provide sensors that last longer that 6-8 months and work all the time the platform is defunt.

Z-wave may be more expense but that cost is offset by reliability.

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