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Archive for January, 2014

Laser Hair Removal for Men Jan 05

Yeah, what hell, why this.  Men have hair!

Well, yeah we have hair, and we love the chest, abs and lower arms.  But what about the BACK.  Well thats something not so good.  

As we get older the hair start showing up in places that not so sexy.

So what to do.  Well. I'll let you know my story.   Had back and shoulder hair growing.  Being a sort semi blond it didn't concern me.  Then it started coming out as big bad  hair that needed shaving.  Did that for a few years, easy as.  Then I started to get more fit and knew I had back hair.  

Waxing definately worked  but it grew back and huge ingrown hairs.  And not very comfortable.  

Then I signed up for Laser hair reduction.  What a change!

Result one.  You will not notice for about 3 weeks.  Then if you check it's smooth back there.  They will say come back in 5-6 weeks and they mean it.  You have to go back.  

The key to laser hair reduction is going back and getting the next treatment when you body is growing the next cycle of hair.  And thats the key to laser hair reduction.

I did the full cycle for my back and shoulder and now into the maintenance cycle to just keep smooth.  

My end result of male treatment of back and shoulders has been excellant.  I still get some growth and all now all blond and thin.  Will I need a follow up every six months.  yep most likely.  Cheaper than an wax, totally.  And does my back look better.  Totallly.


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