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Work still in progress – the transformation continues. May 13

While the Price concert was a letdown there was a cool fun part of it.  I got to wear one of my new slim fit L size shirts, and was totally confident with it.  Oddly it was my new Nerd Fitness shirt.  L size, with a slim cut.  Was great to get out and feel comfortable wearing it!

Was even more fun taking of the warm top (as we are now in late autumn) and get to show off what is now shaping upto to be a rather good body.  Even more fun was dancing away at our seats knowing it was all muscle showing.

I can actually now fully understand why people with great bodies want to show them off.  My is far from great, but its certainly in a far better place than it was.  T-Shirt hugs fits perfectly over the chest and just falls over what used to be a huge stomach.  Now there is just well basically umm space!!!  Still heaps more work to do, but it felt so good to knowing that I looked good.

A quick (okay, deep review) of others my ages, I'm doing really well!  What is so so so so good is, I'm loving the whole process.  6 month check in has capped the loss at 15kgs, and that will be a solid 15kgs of FAT as the muscle mass has increased alot.

My BMI is of the standard scale and won't take into account the conversion of fat to muscle.  1 kg over next 3 weeks and I'm bang on target.  That's over 2 kgs per month, which is an excellant result.  One of the things I have now learnt from this process is that massive weight loss in just a few weeks is not the way to go.

Losing it slowly (and 2kgs per month is top of recommended range) is the totally best way to do it.  New habits form due to the upgraded diet and excercise program and its become a part of my life now.  We have just started the 8 week fitness challenge and I'm loving it.  So now upto 6 times a week it will be group and I'm still doing one day PT.  We have worked out that my PT session will be more muscle building/weight training.

I've also now decided what body to get out of this.  Sounds like an odd thing to think about,, but there are quite a few choices.

1.  Skinny As – Basically just be really thin

2. Regular – Probably where it will end up, not thin, not fat, but also no real muscle. 

3. Lean Muscular – BMI about right, maybe a little above, but good lean muscle mass without looking like a body builder.

4. Muscular – More of the above, but alot more muscle, but not looking huge

5. Body Builder – self expanatory.

My choice is lean muscular, seems obvious but there are options.  Oh well, lets see if i get there.  I'm doing well, today i felt ribs under my chest instead of just on the side.  For some reason my system is on fire and burning fat.  Bring it all on.


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