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What happened? I got fit (ish) Apr 27

Its now 6 months of working with the team from Activ8 fitness and they have transformed me.

Today I had an ad hoc session where I arrived but Trend was with another client so told me to do some interval cardio while waiting. Didn’t quite work as I had new shoes with no insert for the correction. One set of running on the machine showed that unless fully barefoot on the beach i need the inserts. So we adjusted to rowing.

Did the rowing for a while on a setting I found, then swtched back to high intensity walking and up the stairs at the 200m of walking. Did that 5 times, so five time up the stairs, and now just walking them, sets of 1 up 2 up.

Then we did the boxing session, perfect for me as had bad day and Trent pushed it further into making me do the boxing right.

Loved it all. 90 mins later walked out and just knew all the stress of the day and the cortisol it builds had been burnt off.

I have become additcted to it in a way. I have one of the best personal trainers in the industry. Every day I turn up and I do 3 times a week I have no idea what is going to happen. He keeps it fresh all the time and I am totally addicted to that. my personality does not do routine, i hate it. And Trent keeps it fresh all the time.

We at at the stage where I can almost do all the cardio myself as I’m back running, with that almost done we are now looking at muscle development as my upper body needs lots of work there. Legs done. And if you care to look now, damn well another look! Next is to keep the cardio going and build the upper body.

I have no concerns there either as this team have taken me from being a 5 flight of stairs walk up that to a 2 at a time running it. I am now fit. Not super fit, thats another level, but I am fit. I can run an 11km run with challenges along the way. Finish it and feel fine at the end.

The team at Acti8 got me this far. Can’t wait to see where I go next.

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