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Found a new thing this week Apr 24

My ribs! Go figure that one. Seriously for the last 10 days I’ve now been able to feel my rib cage as bones vs something there covered in a layer of fat that hid them. Now I can fell each and every one of them.

Not sure what is happening at the moment, as diet wish I’ve been fairly good but not the best. No major blowouts, but way badder than i have been before, but I still seem to be losing fat.

Even my excercise has dropped a little in the last 3 weeks as I have been so involved in the house move that my running has dropped off. Been going to the guys at activ8 constantly which is a good thing and they have been really pushing me now!

After the move I got the whole wardrobe back and pulled out a new pair of business pants I hand never been worn and they now don’t just fit but need a whole new belt size! Over the last 6 months for work I have worn the same belt and its been slowly but surely going down in notches. A few months ago I could almost wear it at the final notch. Now I need a new one!!

Obviously we all see ourselves in the mirror and thing, hmm. Well the last few weeks I see myself in the mirror and think, not bad at all. Stomach almost gone. For a guy my age, well gone done! Last few weeks seen the real difference that its actually gone. What is left is something that anyone my age would be happy with. Going further thou. Love this improvement so why not take it all the way.

Found out my placing in the Urbanathlon. Bottom 20%, so little sad, but then again I did it and finished it and look forward to my next one. Why, because first off, I finished it. That is a huge result for me. Someone who was laid up with cancer for over 5 years that result it great. I did it, didn’t stop running either, just kept going at my pace.

The only compeditor in that race was me and I finished. Its been a good few days with that. I’m feeling thinner than i have ever done before and I just did something that was really fun!

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