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Less than 48 hours to go! Mar 28

The waiting is almost over!!!  I can't believe its been almost a year since I signed the contracts for this apartment and now its going to happen.

So many delays and changes its been a heart breaking roller coaster.  Date on the exchange of contracts was 21st April 2011 and settlement is booked for 11am 30th March 2012.

Nothing left to do now.  Got the final settlement figure for the bank cheque this afternoon and promptly went and had it drawn up ready for Friday morning.   A nice aside is that I've still got funds left, but that will dwindle as movers have to be paid and other costs, but they have all been budgeted for!

Movers are booked for 4th April, so should be able to move in that day!  Thursday is go pick up the dogs day and bring them home.  The really hard part of all this has been that I've had to leave them with someone else for 6 months now.  I have visited a few times and know they are in great hands.  For Ranger he has spend more time at his birth home than with me, so for him its just same old.  Tonto on the other hand may have had some adjustments as he has had a hard life of being moved around alot the last few years. 

I take some solace that they are not actually in a kennel, but with the breeder that I got ranger from and have been spending all there time out playing with other cavalier dogs and had loads of space to run around in and others to play with.  If i they could send postcards they would probably read "just keep paying the bills, we like it here!"

The delays have however had some excellant effects thou.  I've spent the last 6 months living in the Shire and found I really do love it, so know I will be happy being just up the road from Cronulla beach, and will be back many times to walk the boys on the beach, or go running along it myself.  The best benefit is that I've gotten my health and fitness back on track.  15kgs of fat gone can't be a bad thing!!  Besides the weight loss the other huge indicator of health has been my blood pressure.

Over the first 3/4 of 2011 my BP was at very very high levels and consistently so, the only reason I wasn't immediately put on medication was previously while it had been high at time in Japan it had come back to normal many times.  It was checked very often with all the cancer stuff going on!

The team at Activ8 took it as well when i had my assessment.  Again not good and consistent with the doctors measurements.  But it started going down, and kept doing down.  A month after starting the life plan change it had dropped enough and significantly enough that we would just watch it.  3 weeks ago with new Doctor it was hmm normal/high, but white coat syndrome also applied.  I now have a cool device that plugs into my iphone and records it, today it was confirmed with the Docter – totally 100% frekking normal.  No need to do anything at all with it.  Thats a damn fine result in my book.

All my family have high blood pressure and I don't!  But it does mean i have to keep up this health plan.  But I'm ready for it!!

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