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Hit the odd stage of not quite? Feb 14

Been a great few weeks overall.  Had a wonderful time down south even though the concert in the vineyard was cancelled.  Was supposed to see Hall an Oates with IceHouse as the starter.  Unfortunately the weather had other ideas.  It was still a great weekend ina country get away location with good friends and we had a great time of food and good wine.

Waist wise it wasn't to bad as had kept a track on Friday, but saturday was my off day.  Hey, a lifestyle eating plan is 80-90% good with a 10% space to be a little over.  Wasn't like i sucked down an unending supply of hamburgers.  Thou the gluten of Sunday from one did not go down well.

Back on topic.  Still going to Trent 3 times a week and he is really making me work now.  The "Welcome to the nice side of fitness" is well gone and he just pushes me all the time.  The cardio goes up and the weights go up, and I'm not complaining at all.

The topic of this is that i caught myself in the mirror today with no shirt and thought, hmm.  Not fat anymore, but not thin either.  The odd stage of maybe this is going to work, and there is now a huge difference, but not there yet. 

Maybe not next week, or even the week after, but the change so far, wow.  Its nice to take a little time and look hard in the old mirror and say, "you know what, not where i want to be, but bloody well done so far!.

I'm subscribing to the all the diets now (well ex gluten), but going to keep counting the cals.  Have a great app for doing that.

Using 'mynetdiary' which is semi free and very good.  Also thou I'm using 'myfitnesspal' for my friend and its also fantastic.  Will probably switch to it when my subscription runs out.

What I have found is that counting calories does work.  Its not hard, and what it really does is give you a damn good idea of what counts.  I no longer count most fruit and veg (which corresponds with most reasonable diets).  

What is do check is pasta (an non gluten can far worse than normal stuff).  The suggested serving on most pasta is horrific!  Also meats need quite some checking.  

Actually while protiens are worth checking as supermarkets often sell 4 portions but in reality its actually 6-7 standard ones its the CARBS that scare me. 

Not going to endorse carb free.  Thats silly but pure carb foods are really dangerous as you can eat far more than you should.

My other little odd one is oil's.

I will always endorse using olive oil, or other good vegetable oils, but say, watch it.  the cal count is huge x huge.  and it scares how much people use thinking its good for them.  It most certainly is good, but check how much you add.

Lets take a 50 gram dried pasta and 30 grams olive oil.  cooked that 200+cals for the pasta and 90+ for the olive oil.  Nothing else added.  Sure, throw in some low cal garlic, chillie and your good for a meal.  But I think if you saw what 50grams dried pasta is cooked you would be back in the bowl for more.  And suddenly your at 800+ for a meal. 

I'll stop now as i don't want to preach.  Just for me know what i eat and what gives the most value in falvour vs Cals has worked I'm down 6kg's and dropping fast.  Pants still 36, but a very very easy 36.  Shirts down to Large and fitting easy.

something along all the above is at least working for me.



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