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A Fantastic Weekend in NZ Feb 22

I'm back now from one of the best weekends home ever.  I was going back for the wedding of my neighbors daughter whom I have known all her life and her parents known me all my life.  

I was wondering if I should go, then the last time I was home the brides mother hit me up and basically gave me the look which is equivilant to the hand behind the back and I caved.  Walked out of that so happy as it was a good choice!

Went back and spent the thursday catching up with old friends which was great, then the Thursday which should have been quiet I was pulled into the extended Hens night and had a great time.  Mine started at 11pm with Tequila shots and went on from there.

Probably kept my parents far to awake when we got back, but they didn't rush off to bed either.   Staked alot of demons that night and felt while it was not the best way to do it at least got alot of crap out of the way.  

Friday was catch up on sleep then some other old friends arrived and it was just so nice to see them.  Great food, good wine and just a very pleasant night.

The day of the wedding was also the unveiling of the grave of a very old family friend and it was just so right to be there for that.  Didn't know many of the people as so many years had passed but those I did see was brillant.  

Then we settled into the wedding.  The valley turned on the best day of summer yet.  Clear blue skies and mirror calm sea's.  With a slight wedding gown malfunction out of the way it all went off according to plan.  Well a plan that wasn't quite the plan.  but if you didn't know it was you didn't know.  

The liquid refreshments were all in force and the food was sensational.  

Now i want to be very careful about how I describe the wedding dinner as my words could be taken wrongly.

The best way to describe it was incredibly honest food.  How so?  Well the wedding was held in our remote valley miles from anywhere so catering is abit limited.  You could pull in a top chef etc from Auckland and it would cost a fortune.  

The food that the local catering company along with local contributions served was entirely honest to area.  Not 4 or 5 star but totally and utterly in keeping with the area.  Then and this is the important bit.  Honest and local included fresh oysters, crayfish (aka lobster), new hams, excellant beef.  (along with lamb kofters for starter, local smoked mussels) and full array of local salads.  Oh and also a locally made Ceviche of fish and another of mussels and kina (thats is sea urchin for those not in the know).

All of it was done just right and it was sensational.  Good fresh local food served well is all you want and I can't think of a better large number catered for dinner in a remote place that pulled it off as well as they did.  It was so good.

My oldest by family sister is now married to a wonderful man and it was just one of the most memorable days I will have.  Yes tears where shed by me and alot of people.  Whats really cool is well as my mum who is a married celebrate got to marry them.

More latter on this weekend maybe as alot more happened after the wedding, but maybe thats for me to know and maybe one day share, be assured I left on late sunday with a profound sense of things being right and thats always a good way to feel.


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