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Why is my bedroom so interesting to you? Feb 15

I am struggling to understand today why so many people around the world (okay America is a big starter, but Oz is close behind) are so interested in what I might be doing in my bedroom. Or following on from that most of my life.

Thinking very decisively on this the only time I spend any real time being involved with what other people are doing is at work, and that is because I charged to ensure we produce the right results.

So now I ask all of you, beyond that what interest do I have in other peoples life.  None.  Huge and clear.  

With that next question is why are so many people who should have lovely hetrosexual relationships and marriages going so all balistic on what is going on with there own bedroom and finding some reason to get involved in mine?

Whats going on.  Are there relationships and home life so lacking that for some reason they feel the need to go invading my home life.  Seriously what is lacking here.

If your interested my bedroom is done in a set of grey shades that match some of my own photo's taken from Tokyo.  Looks great  Oh and most time i spend my nights with my dogs sleeping the other side.  I guess that will now become fodder for the right wing on deviant behavour 

Seriously people.  Who each and every one of us spend time with and sleep with is really our own business.  Personally to me I have so little time to deal with all that is going on with my life that taking time out to protest against others makes me wonder, where do they find this time?

I am not going to say what is right or wrong, but ask everyone, let me live my life as I want to. I promise I won't tell you how to live yours.

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