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Not my best week Jan 20

Well gym wise anyhow.  I think the best description for Monday morning was running on a full tank of empty!  Everything just seemed so damn hard  Greg was great at trying to keep the motivation up, but it was obvious, batteries were flat.

Wednesday was a right off with a long night of work before and more work, didn't even make it.  So all excited and ready for a good showing this morning!  Well if exciting is considered stopping to catch your breath in between not puking then wohoo smashing success.  

For some reason the body was not willing, and the mind was taking far to much feedback from the body as well.  The boys were tried, but it was like the spark plugs were dirty!

Oh well, it happens.  Did have some good news on my seeing my shadow, (yes i know, odd thing to be looking for), it was sans belly.  Very surprising.  Spent a good few minutes doing shadow shapes to see if it was hiding around the corner!

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