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Back in Oz Jan 09

Just had a great weekend over in NZ for the family centenary.  Got there last Wednesday and had a great days fishing on Thursday.  Kept the family in food that day.  Followed the fishing by some dredging for scallops, then back to the house and a bag of mussels waiting.  What a cracking welcome home dinner that was.  Fresh snapper, fresh scallops (sensational quality) and fresh mussels.

To be perfectly honest, the food just kept rolling, along with the wine.  Thank goodness i had been 'restrained' over the first part of the holiday period.  Did do a two hour walk with Donna to Waitete Bay!

Back now in OZ and had first session of the year with Trent.  Damn near killed me on some parts, but feeling so much better for it now!  Alas it will be a loss day thou as birthday steak is on the menu!

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