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House and Boys Update Jan 20

With all this fitness and healthy stuff going on I've almost forgotten that I've brought a house, or apartment.  Take your pick. I call it a house as it will be home!

Lastest news is that work has restarted and they should have all the paperwork done by the end of the month.  hmm not sure of that as there is still a huge hole for the 2nd car park entrance.  But at least the weather is good now so things can move along.  The information before Christmas was a mid feb move in.  

As all my documentation is now in place i can go for an early settlement if i want, and will see how that pans out.  As I'm going back to NZ for a wedding on the 18th it could work out fine.

Might be able to come back to my own home, and then move in!  

The hardest bit of all of this has been that the boys have had to be away boarding down south.  They are back with breeder that I got Ranger from.  Its worked out really well as she only has Cavaliers so they are with 'friends'.  Its also alot better than a boarding kennel where they spend most of the time locked up.  At least here they have the whole day running around with other dogs in a huge yard, and for Ranger it will be home.  Tonto I do worry about as he has been abandoned once already.

I did go and see them late last year.  It was a moment of weakness really as I just felt so bad!  Tonto would not let me put him down for 20mins.  I stayed for an hour and at the end of which he was happy to go eat in his house so working on the idea that he had seen me enough, everything was good so food time!

The bright spot is that when this is all finally over both of them will come home permanently.  No rental, no moving, just home!  A worry was that Tonto was developing a grey fur on top of his eyes which is an age sign.  I'm hopeful that it was just abit of imagination, or if not when he come home to his easy and carefree life again it might go away.

When Tonto first came to me he was in the best shape ARK could give, but it had not been the best for him as he needs constant human attention.  In a few months and high quality food he had radically improved.  Now he is on his special diet he is even better.

Can't wait for them to come home.

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