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Curing Sore Muscles. Jan 11

First day back at the gym was great (was a birthday after all), but found that the next day I sore muscles that felt well and truly abused.  Sitting down at my desk became a whole new concept of careful!   

Was hoping a full day and good nights sleep would put it all right (since that normally does the trick.).  Not to be.  Woke up this morning still feeling the abused muscles.  Not to be deterred was off for another session.  Now this is where it go interesting.  Trents cure was to just make a whole new (and I am sure some entirely new) set of muscles hurt.  Theory being that the new ones would hurt enough that the old ones would be ignored.

Small flaw in his otherwise brillant plan!  Half the session today was using the same old tired out, let me rest muscles.  So no rest for the wicked either way!   Hardest cardio session by far!  He seems to think the training wheels have come off now and we have to do abit more than warm ups!  

Also has a funny idea about running machines where you run with the motor turned off!  I know energy prices in Oz are going up, but really that was abit rediculous, and it certainly made the legs work even harder!!

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