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Body by Activ8 Jan 20

Okay, firstly a big URL to follow

Well the body is a work in progress by the team at Activ8.  Been going there for 10 weeks now and its been a long journey.  Some progress has been made!

Did go from walking up the 7 flights of stairs and coughing out a lung to running up them twice just before Christmas.  My big issue right now is that I find I'm really missing it.  I need Trent to stand over me and push me to the point until i just want to puke.  

Who thought i would miss that!  Well i do!

Over the last few weeks I've been waking up and finding that umm my body isn't quite the same.  The huge belly i has shrunk, and still shrinking.  OMG is almost back to a little overweight look and there is so much more to do.

I've come to understand that I'm basically a very lazy person, I've gotten by using my brain muscle for work and look it would be dishonest to say its not done me badly.  I'm basically paid really well to make sure that brain of mine keeps coming up with new and cool ways of doing things.  Last year I pulled off a major new concept that went global and late this year another idea did the same.

Last thursday was the last full on PT session until Jan 9th as the guys at Activ8 are also taking  a well deserved break.  I do however find i am missing the tri weekly session alot.  Been walking km after km, some running in it and now also doing situps and pressups just to get a little of the feeling back.  Figured out that i need them so much to make me work it.

As I said, I'm lazy, but on my own.  When i work with them, its 120% and love it all the time.  Just with me i need someone to push me. 

And wow, how well have they done so far.  Not sure of the weight yet as no checks done, but its looking good.  If I break under 100Kg then i will be so happy.  Think i might be well on track for that and more.  My goal, down to 84kg and no stopping me.  New body by Activ8.  I'm in!

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