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Time to trade in your Personal Trainer – I think not Jan 25

So it's now 3.x months in with the personal trainer at Activ8 and the rest of the team.  Time for a review I guess as well, since well my assessment on Wednesday to see if I'm as crap as fit as I was when i came back from the US.

Easy answer, not likely.  Didn't hurt I took out the full package and that was not cheap.  But then again when I lived in Japan and had to do all my first cancer the chemo stuff left me 8K USD out of pocket.  There was a huge refund, but it comes down to how much do you spend on your health.

My totally easy answer is as much as it takes.  Why because you can have huge amounts of money stashed aside for the things you want, but how can you spend any of it if you health is crap.

Even easier answer, every dollar/cent spent on your health is a good dollar.  It breaks down to even easier.  If you can't walk somewhere to see/do something, then your healthy is wrong.  I know.  I've had an underlying issue with Arthritis for so long it stopped me from many things.  Feck the cancer, this was actually the weekly issue.

Since working with my Trent (My PT from Activ8) i'm on the least amount, basically nil amount of arthritic  drugs ever. I still maintain a daily intake of some non medical druges, the best i have found is Procasmine from USANA.  Not cheap, and i won't advocate for them, but it seems to work for me.  I also know that losing a few kilo's and working all my joints in the right order is the best thing ever.

And that is why you need a PT.  An expert in how to work your body.  Its possible you can get crap ones, but lucky for me I didn't. 

He has me working out on some exercise and doesn't go off to answer some FB message or other, I can see him checking every move I make and looking from all angles to make sure I'm doing it correctly.  Ps.  his counting along with mind is Shite.  We just work it out that somewhere between it all it was a good effort!  And yes I work in banking but at 7 am my brain is not working.

So, do you get a personal trainer. My easy answer is yes.  If you hate going to the gym and been given a circuit to do, then get bored.  Chop and change.  Get a PT, they make it so much more interesting.  I never know what is going to hit me each time and I fecking love it. 

Photo's to come, but looking so much better for it.

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House and Boys Update Jan 20

With all this fitness and healthy stuff going on I've almost forgotten that I've brought a house, or apartment.  Take your pick. I call it a house as it will be home!

Lastest news is that work has restarted and they should have all the paperwork done by the end of the month.  hmm not sure of that as there is still a huge hole for the 2nd car park entrance.  But at least the weather is good now so things can move along.  The information before Christmas was a mid feb move in.  

As all my documentation is now in place i can go for an early settlement if i want, and will see how that pans out.  As I'm going back to NZ for a wedding on the 18th it could work out fine.

Might be able to come back to my own home, and then move in!  

The hardest bit of all of this has been that the boys have had to be away boarding down south.  They are back with breeder that I got Ranger from.  Its worked out really well as she only has Cavaliers so they are with 'friends'.  Its also alot better than a boarding kennel where they spend most of the time locked up.  At least here they have the whole day running around with other dogs in a huge yard, and for Ranger it will be home.  Tonto I do worry about as he has been abandoned once already.

I did go and see them late last year.  It was a moment of weakness really as I just felt so bad!  Tonto would not let me put him down for 20mins.  I stayed for an hour and at the end of which he was happy to go eat in his house so working on the idea that he had seen me enough, everything was good so food time!

The bright spot is that when this is all finally over both of them will come home permanently.  No rental, no moving, just home!  A worry was that Tonto was developing a grey fur on top of his eyes which is an age sign.  I'm hopeful that it was just abit of imagination, or if not when he come home to his easy and carefree life again it might go away.

When Tonto first came to me he was in the best shape ARK could give, but it had not been the best for him as he needs constant human attention.  In a few months and high quality food he had radically improved.  Now he is on his special diet he is even better.

Can't wait for them to come home.

Couple of Things Jan 20

For some reason there is a problem with my IPAD and wordpress and its releasing all the stories I wrote over the last few months in draft as if there were now.  Thats abit of mistake!

I've been writing in draft mode all my fitness stuff.  There was a damn good reason for it.  I wasn't sure i would be able to commit to it.  I did take out the full package and kiddies it wasn't cheap, but then nothing good in life really is.  I did work it out being cheaper than my chemo in Japan so hey take your silver linings were you get them.

That said it is worth every dollar and it makes me happy so we are done there.

Not my best week Jan 20

Well gym wise anyhow.  I think the best description for Monday morning was running on a full tank of empty!  Everything just seemed so damn hard  Greg was great at trying to keep the motivation up, but it was obvious, batteries were flat.

Wednesday was a right off with a long night of work before and more work, didn't even make it.  So all excited and ready for a good showing this morning!  Well if exciting is considered stopping to catch your breath in between not puking then wohoo smashing success.  

For some reason the body was not willing, and the mind was taking far to much feedback from the body as well.  The boys were tried, but it was like the spark plugs were dirty!

Oh well, it happens.  Did have some good news on my seeing my shadow, (yes i know, odd thing to be looking for), it was sans belly.  Very surprising.  Spent a good few minutes doing shadow shapes to see if it was hiding around the corner!

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10 weeks done! Jan 20

Wow, its now ten weeks of 3 days a week with Trent.  So how does it feel 

Quick answer, damn good.  I'm looking 10 years younger and feeling good for it all.

Body by Activ8 Jan 20

Okay, firstly a big URL to follow

Well the body is a work in progress by the team at Activ8.  Been going there for 10 weeks now and its been a long journey.  Some progress has been made!

Did go from walking up the 7 flights of stairs and coughing out a lung to running up them twice just before Christmas.  My big issue right now is that I find I'm really missing it.  I need Trent to stand over me and push me to the point until i just want to puke.  

Who thought i would miss that!  Well i do!

Over the last few weeks I've been waking up and finding that umm my body isn't quite the same.  The huge belly i has shrunk, and still shrinking.  OMG is almost back to a little overweight look and there is so much more to do.

I've come to understand that I'm basically a very lazy person, I've gotten by using my brain muscle for work and look it would be dishonest to say its not done me badly.  I'm basically paid really well to make sure that brain of mine keeps coming up with new and cool ways of doing things.  Last year I pulled off a major new concept that went global and late this year another idea did the same.

Last thursday was the last full on PT session until Jan 9th as the guys at Activ8 are also taking  a well deserved break.  I do however find i am missing the tri weekly session alot.  Been walking km after km, some running in it and now also doing situps and pressups just to get a little of the feeling back.  Figured out that i need them so much to make me work it.

As I said, I'm lazy, but on my own.  When i work with them, its 120% and love it all the time.  Just with me i need someone to push me. 

And wow, how well have they done so far.  Not sure of the weight yet as no checks done, but its looking good.  If I break under 100Kg then i will be so happy.  Think i might be well on track for that and more.  My goal, down to 84kg and no stopping me.  New body by Activ8.  I'm in!

Curing Sore Muscles. Jan 11

First day back at the gym was great (was a birthday after all), but found that the next day I sore muscles that felt well and truly abused.  Sitting down at my desk became a whole new concept of careful!   

Was hoping a full day and good nights sleep would put it all right (since that normally does the trick.).  Not to be.  Woke up this morning still feeling the abused muscles.  Not to be deterred was off for another session.  Now this is where it go interesting.  Trents cure was to just make a whole new (and I am sure some entirely new) set of muscles hurt.  Theory being that the new ones would hurt enough that the old ones would be ignored.

Small flaw in his otherwise brillant plan!  Half the session today was using the same old tired out, let me rest muscles.  So no rest for the wicked either way!   Hardest cardio session by far!  He seems to think the training wheels have come off now and we have to do abit more than warm ups!  

Also has a funny idea about running machines where you run with the motor turned off!  I know energy prices in Oz are going up, but really that was abit rediculous, and it certainly made the legs work even harder!!

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Back in Oz Jan 09

Just had a great weekend over in NZ for the family centenary.  Got there last Wednesday and had a great days fishing on Thursday.  Kept the family in food that day.  Followed the fishing by some dredging for scallops, then back to the house and a bag of mussels waiting.  What a cracking welcome home dinner that was.  Fresh snapper, fresh scallops (sensational quality) and fresh mussels.

To be perfectly honest, the food just kept rolling, along with the wine.  Thank goodness i had been 'restrained' over the first part of the holiday period.  Did do a two hour walk with Donna to Waitete Bay!

Back now in OZ and had first session of the year with Trent.  Damn near killed me on some parts, but feeling so much better for it now!  Alas it will be a loss day thou as birthday steak is on the menu!

Walking off the Holidays. Jan 03

Been trying to keep ahead of the holiday and party season!   One before the New Year, and another after!  Having been reasonable good over the holiday season this has been quite a good result!  But still a trip home to contend with

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