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Big old week Dec 15

Been a big week!  Did a 13 km walk Saturday, then 8 km Monday and a  few more during the week.    Trent has also been upping the intensity this week as well.  My face  has changed again this week.  Will be interested to see Donna's  comments when I come home!   

The gym is down 7 flights of stairs from road down to the water (so  the view is lovely when you are there).  The boys use those stairs  ruthlessly.  My first week was go up the stairs quickly.  I got to the  top and gasped like a fish it was so upsetting.    Well Wednesday was run up the first fight, walk back down (all the way  down I was told when I only when down one flight! ).  

Then run up two  flights walk back down! Repeat until all 7 flights are done.  Well I  ran up the full seven at the end of it.  Hurt my legs like hell but I  am so damn pleased with myself for doing it.  Made it very clear the  progress so far.    And last joint flare up was first week of October!  That's almost two  and a half months of no arthritis.  Not going to stop the supplements,  but between them and using the body its all working.   

The fun bit will be next weigh in.  Sorta bracing myself it won't be much as there is a lot of transform going on from fat to muscle, cos lets face it there was a lot of fat, and not much muscle.

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