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Apartment, what apartment? Dec 12

The whole apartment thing has turned in a complete farce.  Its now months after the building should have finished and there is no end in sight when it will actually be done.  The vendors lawyer is not giving any details on when it will be finished, other than trying to find ways to screw new buyers down with shorter settlement times.

Adding insult the real estate agent has vanished.  If you ever come across an agent called Bernadette Berlyn from McGrath, run the other way, hang up, or do as I do and start throwing alot of salt around. 

The weather has certainly not helped the whole situation, but good communication would resolve alot of the problems here.  Tell people there are delays, they can look out a window and see the rain, and I'd be fairly certain most of them would actually be very understanding of it.  Not communicating and screwing everyones holidays up, that does create resentment.  Don't think i want to be that lawyer with all that resentment coming my way, bad for the karma, and would certainly scew up your Chi!

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