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Happy thanks giving Nov 25

Just been reading an article that say people who are grateful have a good and positive outlook on live. So here is my short list of things I am grateful for.

First and foremost I am alive and have all the cancer beat.
I live in one of the most stunning cities I have ever been to.
My friends are some of the best you could ever wish for.
I have two little dogs that think that besides a full food bowl I am awesome.
My health is in top notch and i’m actively working on making it better.
In a few weeks my new home will be ready and I will actually own a house.
My family are all well and I will see most of them in a few weeks.

And the list could go on.

Happy thanksgiving all of you and much love!


The burn goes on Nov 23

Well after a missed session on Monday I was looking forward to today's session.  As usual it did not disappoint.  Trent is brilliant at switching up and changing the sessions around.


Today's involved a whole new muscle set that I am sure will be felt upon the morning (update from the future – definitely feeling it when sitting down)   The last bit of cardio row 20sec full bore, rest 10sec sounds easy, it is not!  Had to go looking for my breath afterwards as it had gone on an independent search for oxygen.   The piece de resistanc of Trent's routines and the only constant is the stairs back up to your car!  Good five stories worth.  The day I can do a session and go back up those stairs and not look like a physical wreck I will be happy, 

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Brass Monkey Nov 20

Had amazing time at brass monkey, dinner and a show with Jon English


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Different Calendars Nov 17

I'm beginning to suspect the real estate agent is using a slightly different calendar.  In mine the date of Christmas is a fixed point in the year.  

I keep hearing another 4 weeks of construction, and then we have 3 weeks for settlement. Thats 7 weeks in my reckoning and last time i checked Christmas is 6 weeks away, there about.  

Almost Finished Nov 17

Swung by the apartment yesterday afternoon to have another look at it as we are getting down to days left of construction (if the builder is to be believed).

Looks like it will be mine just after christmas, or if things go swimmingly well just before.  Won't really matter as won't be able to move stuff into it until new year, and the boys won't come home until i get back from family centenary in NZ.

Hope they like there new home.


From Apartment 2011





From Apartment 2011









Week Three Nov 15

Have now just started week three of project 'whittle'. Earlier time as well so Sue can join me. By there being two of us we get a good concession. I get extra sessions at the end of it so I am going to be doing this quite a while. Things have leveled a little and a couple of social things over the weekend didn't help. A big two our walk down the beach did help offset thou. Overall tho no big blowouts. Am on a diet of approx 900 cals less than needed and have been under that regularly. The fun days were over, and near normal cals. Still loving it even if feeling a little flat this week.

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Happy Days Nov 10

There are so many days now when I just stop and think how lucky I am. I live in an amazing country that is now my home. I have a job that sometimes frustrated me, but is fun most of the time as I work some great people.

Then there are just days when I hear a great piece of music and reflect that for all I have been through life is just awesome

Bring on tommorow I ready for it and can’t wait to see where it will take me!

The PT factor Nov 09

Four sessions down and really loving it. Having a personal trainer to keep you on track is fantastic. It fits with my limited attention span, or rather my boredom factor.

I think a problem in the past has been that I hate routine, or rather routine training. I get so freaking bored with it that I stop, cheat or just don't make the effort. Well Trent is well ahead of me there! Every session is different. Sure there are repeats of stuff, but I never know what or when, and that works great for me.

The other thing I have already noticed is that my energy levels are up, way up. The sore muscles afterwards are good as well. Rather have a few worked muscle pains than days of damn arthritis

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