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Japan Earthquake – we are all safe as we live Sydney Mar 17

Wow, did we get lucky or what.  I left Japan late last year.  The events over the last week have been stunning.  I see pictures of Tokyo and can identify where i used to live.


My heart goes out to the people where were my hosts for 5 years.  I can't quite seperate myself from Japan just yet and the images are too much to deal with directly.

I can't quite put in in words, but Japan/Tokyo was my home for 5 years up until 5 months ago.  The balance of that is I still think of Japan as my old home and I'm just lost for words how to describe it all.  I get information from my friends and pictures and they are not pictures of a far of place, they are pictures of where I used to live.


My heart goes out to my old home.  I think of you constantly.  I've not quite changed from westerner in Japan to westerner in western country so I do feel.

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