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Hello Canberra Nov 21

Went down to Canberra to see an old and best friend.  Was a little interesting as it was my first big trip in the car and also taking Tonto along.  I'm going home for Christmas and the plan is to leave Tonto with my friend K in Canberra.  He has his own dog so we needed to do a little test run to see how they go on.

My big surprise was just how agressive Tonto can be.  We walked the dogs as an intro which was a good thing and when they got back it seemed okay, then Tonto was very definnative about his space and was quite vocal about it.  As he doesn't back at all with me it was a little education.  He is quite vocal when he wants to be!  It all worked out well and it was really older dog, younger dog working out who was boss.  Not entirely sure who is alpha dog as in the evening we went to an Ethopian restaurant which was AMAzING and lived up to the fantastic food I had there 4 years ago.  

Great weekend and can't wait to go back again, which will be um, when I drop Tonto off for Chrimbo, so if he and Charlie haven't worked out who is top dog, they can do it then.  And they will and end of the day there is nothing we humans can do about it so lets leave it to them.  

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