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Home to NZ Oct 15

It so hard to believe a month has gone by all ready. Tonto is home and all my stuff is arriving next week. I have even managed to get a quick trip home to New Zealand. Well to be accurate I’m on the plane to nz now.

Thought I would give the iPad a spin and see how well it went as a word processor. Not bad, but also not as easy as a keyboard. The main problem seems to be that on a regular keyboard I would rest my fingers on the keyboard in the rest position. On the iPad it is just way to sensitive to this and it’s a case of having to keep ones fingers above the keyboard at all times. After 20 odd years of touch typing this is no easy trick.

I suspect that the hunt and peck typers would actually find the easier. One of the big problems I have is I don’t actually know where the keys on the keyboard!!!

How can that be. Well when you touch type you don’t actually look at the keyboard. Your hand automatically find the guide keys (another thing missing from a virtual keyboard) and then you start typing. If you ask me where an actual key is I have to look. My hands and muscles know but i don’t consciously think I must now type the letter t, then h etc. The brain and fingers just know the combination that will result in the word think.

And the more I think about it the more I realise I don’t type in letters rather I type in words at a time. Some rare ones get mentally spelt out, and even then the fingers just follow the letters.

So far it okay, but I think if I wanted to type a whole lot of stuff I would use the blue tooth keyboard. Or since I don’t have that with me some mor practice.

Back to sydney things are all falling into place still. Finally got delivery of my outdoor furniture after about the third delivery attempt at 7 Pm. Still it was definitely worth the wait and I am very happy with it. Story here is that I wasn’t even thinking about outdoor stuff and popped into the big w store to pickup some cables for the tv and walked past the outdoor furniture display. They had a very simple and elegant table and bench set from Jamie Durie. That got me looking around and I just could not find anything that I like and the price was excellent.

Went to buy it but the local store only stocked the table and not the benches. Some research showed that the store in Norht Ryde did have the benches but not the table. Since I had the rental car Tonto and I went for a road trip (he loves road trips). The benches only just fitted into the car so I decided to order the table online and have it delivered, whoa me how stupid was that. Australia has then most crap delivery service.

Finally in the pouring rain the table arrived last night. But it’s been worth it. I sat on the bench of a similar model and it was wobbly. This set is solid! Now for the BBQ and we see all set for some outdoor eating. I wonder what Tonto would do with a whole steak?

Probably eat it and then tell me he has not been feed yet! Then when his tum kicks in sleep for three days.

Well almost at NZ so laters.

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