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The Moral Majority; what morals do count to them? Sep 18

Over many years now I’ve heard just about all the moral majority come out in some form or another against just about everything.  If they did like someone who said the sun came up in the east they would say no, it comes up in the west cos we the sinner just got the direction wrong.

Where it gets to me is that I hear all these people going on and on about the ‘gays’. For some very odd reason the moral majority seem to think its there right to tell us what to do and how we should behave.

See the thing is I spend about zero-1 minutes per week thinking I should be telling the heterosexual world how to live there lives.  Conversely thou I do spend a lot of my media consumption time reading about how unfaithful they are to there wife's  etc.  I only say alot because it seems to be in the media all the time, oddly because it happens a lot.  The political headliners seem to spend an inordinate amount of time condemning my life  upon which I had no choice in, also seem to be the ones who go off and get caught up on all sorts of scandals' which they did have a choice in.

So the next time you hear someone going on and constantly on about the homosexual agenda, just take a look at how well they are doing with the heterosexual agenda.

As I said, I spend no time telling other people how they should live there lives, so why should theyyou be interested in how I live mine.  Are they really that bored?

Game over Sep 11

Welcome back to the southern hemisphere. What a great way to finish my first week back.

New Zealand won 23 / 22. Very close game and excellent finish.

Off to watch the All Blavks Sep 11

Beginning my NZ refresher course with a game of rugby. Had to be schooled by kev last night on the different rugby leagues and abbreviations.

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Showing the love Sep 06

Wait till the end, it won’t disappoint.  No idea when this came out, but it tis good.

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Tonto in Stir Sep 03

Have engaged the fantastic services of the team at

who are using all the allocated visiting time to spend with Tonto, give him a little treat and take some piccy’s for me.

The first batch are here:

Its certainly not the Ritz!  He is now on day 3 of his incarceration, so only 27 more to go.

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Last night in Japan Sep 02

Well its here.  My final sleep before leaving Japan!  I’m spent the 36 hours in Kyoto on a mission to decompress brain and get a bit of zen back into my life.

Its going well!  News from Oz at about 2pm Japan time that Tonto has arrived safely and was now at Eastern Creek in row 4!  (yes it does sound abit like a cell block).

Headed of to Nanzenji then to start the disengaging mental gears.  Today a call with Tonto carer and confirmation that all is very well, so off for more relax!

Been up the top of Mt Hiei (Hieizn) wandering in gardens, Sugi forests and temples.  Finished the day with a soak in the pool to restore body temperature to normal and dinner with a friend in town.

I have one more morning left which will be at Daitokuji which has many famous Zen temples and is basically ‘hardcore’ Zen!  I’m ready for it now, mental gears are free spinning, the internal mental voice is just a whisper if at all (and I’m not hearing voices – Yet).  The bell at the nearby temple is just ringing in 9pm and its a perfect synergy to the calming energy that pervades through Kyoto.

The time of year is perfect as well as the main summer holiday rush is over so the crowds are gone, everything has been at peaceful pace, just what a tired soul needs.

I was asked today if I leave with any regrets, and I’ve been asked by many will I miss Japan.

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