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Only 5 more Sleeps! Aug 30

It really is happening!  I had my last day at work on Friday.  The plan was to leave at 5pm, but fate would have it that I walked out the door at 7pm to no fanfare.

But it was good!  I had a nice lunch with the team that I really like.  Rather impromtu but worked out really nice in the end.

A good thing was that leaving so late, and I was still actually doing stuff at 10pm was that I leave knowing one of my long term projects went into production and worked!  It was a nice was to leave actually. Thou to be accurate I'm not actually leaving the job, I'm just going to be doing it from a different office now.  

The apartment is a bit of a war zone now as there are cardboard box's everywhere. Tonto and I head off to the vet tomorrow for his final checks and vet certs then he flys the 31st the same day the apartment is packed up.  Rather a good result as I was not looking forward to the idea of being in the house without him. He has become very much a fixture.  

i'm off to Kyoto on Wednesday for some major time out and zening out in the gardens and temples.  Its a nice way for me to leave as I've always had a love of Kyoto and it will be good to leave from a place I've enjoyed so much.  It will set the stage correctly!

Leaving Japan Aug 26

Its almost official now!  I'm leaving Japan after 4 years and 11 months, almost to the day!

My last day here will be 3rd Sept 2010.  I'm spending the last few days in one of my favourite places.  Kyoto.

Going to spend a few days there chilling down at the temples and gardens just putting everything back into place. 

Tonto flys on the 31st of Aug and I'm going to miss him alot as he has to spend 30 days in quarantine.  The paperwork to get him there is taking up half of my moving binder, but I could never leave him behind!  He know something is up as his crate has been in the apartment for a while now!


so if I don't write again, see you from the southern hemisphere!

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