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Here and There. Mar 03

One of the things I’ve become very much aware of is what have I actually done with my life.  I spent my first 29 years in NZ growing up, being educated and then working. I always thought I wanted to travel but certain debts didn’t really make that possible, but I listed to the stories of friends who had travelled and knew what I wanted to do.  Long story short things worked out and the funds were there for me to go and travel.

Many hardships, bad experiences, amazing times, following by stunning times, followed by some once in a life time experiences I have done what I thought I would do and can probably now swap well good stories with my old friends back in NZ.  My life over the last 11 years has been filled with many wonderful and amazing experiences.  I’ve seen and done things than many would just think way off.

I’ve seen the sunrise on Mount Sinai, trekked with the Thai hill tribes, swam in the dead sea, celebrated the Thai water festival, walked over hot coal barefoot, watched spitfires over leeds castle and seen more of life on the earth than I ever thought possilbe.  I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and been inspired so many times.  I’m also now a two time cancer survivor and see all that has been and just hope I’ll get to see more.

This round of cancer has also given me even more insight.  I lost a few friends with the last cancer and it seems I’m lost a few more thins time.  But you know what at the end of day , those friends who stick around for it are really the ones I love to bits.


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