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Saying Good Bye Feb 03

My blog is all over the place, it has computer stuff, and personal stuffed mixed all over the place.  My latest stuff has been really technical and good for others to see as I’m doing something very cutting edge.  But overall this blog is about me.

I’ve not really mentioned that over the last 3 months I’ve been visiting the medical establishment a little more that i would like.  I have had a lump on my lip that ended up in surgury last week to remove.  Tommorow I find out if i do the cancer thing again.  But thats tommorow.

Now is about saying a final good bye to Steve. I still haven’t really accepted he is gone.  For the last four years he has been the voice at the end of the phone I could talk to about everything.  We built upon 5 years of being local friends to four years of being remote.  Our friendship got even stronger with me leaving to take up a new life in Japan.  When I first got here he was always there at the end of phone to support me, just as he had supported me all the time I was in the UK.

I wanted to go back to say goodbye but my surgury appointmet prevented that.  I also wanted to go back to grieve, and say goodbye.  Now I’m left with the remote feeling of grief. I can’t quite get it all out of system yet.  Will see how it goes.

Steve, I miss you so much already, not hearing your voice at the end of the phone is not right.

Rest easy my friend, you did what you said you would and fought to the end.  My love always.


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