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Me and My new face have coffee! Feb 20

Well its now 11 days since the surgery and the healing process has gone really well.  They took the first set of stitches out on Monday, and the second set Wednesday.  I’d had a few sneak looks at the damage during that time, but Friday was my first day without any dressings. The team at the hospital have done an amazing job and while the upper lips feels all odd and still number its looking really good.

All you can really see is a red line below my right nostril to my lip and now that the dissolving stitches are doing there thing and dissolving thing are all moving back into the right place.  Visually its looking great and you would never know that I’ve actually had quite an extensive reconstruction done.

What they actually did was cut out two centimetre of the top lip, then cut down each side and under the nose, re-arrange it all to fill in the space, the sew it all back up again!  The incisions down the side of the nose are just about invisible now and while the under nose bit is still healing its quite hidden.  The incision to get the lymph node is also hidden under the jaw line and looking great.  While still a little swollen that to be expected.

So today I took my new face out for coffee with a friend.  She was major impressed with the results and had no idea that the extent of work that had been done.  Was really good to hear and know that visually its not been disfiguring at all.  We had a great chat and catch up and probably the longest I’ve talked since the surgury.  Felt quite whacked afterwards and new on the trip home I might have overdone it, but still was definately worth it, and Segafredo coffee is always good!

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