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2nd Opinions Feb 08

Today I went back to the hospital as not happy that I’ll be undergoing some major surgery and we don’t yet have a name for the thing.  The team there was really helpful and understanding and while we got alot of stuff sorted out more bad news came forth

The reason they want to move so quickly with the surgery is that it is malignant and aggressive and now thats its been tampered with by the first surgery its highly likely to spread.  As the next available slot is in a months time there is a very strong recommendation to move quickly.

Also while not fully identified, it has been confirmed what it is not and the treatment for the remainder is all the same.  Excise to clear margin.  So we are back to that.

The pathology also went off to the National Cancer Centre across the road which was fortunately one of the places I was recommended to goto for a 2nd Opinion.  End results all come back to the same thing.

So see you soon.

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