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Reason why I don’t read Michelle Malkin (or consider her relevant) Feb 23

Today I was searching for something an came across Michelle Malkin site again.  I’ve read her stuff a few times and always left wondering how its possible for someone to actually make money out of the vitriol and also how someone can actually belief there own words.

So anyway I have a fairly open mind so thought I’d have a quick read of her latest work.  Naturally she had to find something wrong with the jobs bill.

Her opening sentence is that even the Associated Press say the new bill won’t create many jobs.  This really got be interested so I followed the link.  Now interestingly the link didn’t go direct to the Associated Press article which is here.

Instead her blog points to this article at the Heritage Foundary, here. (I’ll also be very fair here that the Heritage Foundary does include a reference to the Associated press.

Now very interested I read the actual Associated Press article, and recommend anyone who follows Ms Malkin to read it, as it makes for some interesting observations on fact twisting and dodging, and plain old lying.

The Associated press says the the bill won’t create many jobs because alot of the bill is actually TAX CUTS.  Now what is so very very fascinating is that republicans and conservatives have been saying that job creation will only come from tax cuts.    It would seems Michelle Malkin was very obtuse about the actual real article as it actually completely contradicts what she wants to say.

Small problem thou, some of us actually do read the references!  This is very sloppy blogging, so I think I’ll wait another six months and check back to see if there is any change in factual nature of her writing.  I’m not putting any money on it.

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Me and My new face have coffee! Feb 20

Well its now 11 days since the surgery and the healing process has gone really well.  They took the first set of stitches out on Monday, and the second set Wednesday.  I’d had a few sneak looks at the damage during that time, but Friday was my first day without any dressings. The team at the hospital have done an amazing job and while the upper lips feels all odd and still number its looking really good.

All you can really see is a red line below my right nostril to my lip and now that the dissolving stitches are doing there thing and dissolving thing are all moving back into the right place.  Visually its looking great and you would never know that I’ve actually had quite an extensive reconstruction done.

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2nd Opinions Feb 08

Today I went back to the hospital as not happy that I’ll be undergoing some major surgery and we don’t yet have a name for the thing.  The team there was really helpful and understanding and while we got alot of stuff sorted out more bad news came forth

The reason they want to move so quickly with the surgery is that it is malignant and aggressive and now thats its been tampered with by the first surgery its highly likely to spread.  As the next available slot is in a months time there is a very strong recommendation to move quickly.

Also while not fully identified, it has been confirmed what it is not and the treatment for the remainder is all the same.  Excise to clear margin.  So we are back to that.

The pathology also went off to the National Cancer Centre across the road which was fortunately one of the places I was recommended to goto for a 2nd Opinion.  End results all come back to the same thing.

So see you soon.

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And the results envelope please Feb 05

Wish it was a good results envelope, but unfortunately the results on the pathology from my lump were not good.  There is clear signs of malignancy and now more surgery is required. Thats was last Wednesday and its been abit of a roller coaster ride since then.

Went through a number of tests that day after getting the bad news, blood tests, ecg, contrast CT and chest xray.

Friday was back again for consult with doctors again to cover exactly what has to be done, consult with anesthesiologist, and MRI.  The outcome of all that is that alot of my upper lip has to be cut out to get a clear margin around the cancer and then they will do re-constructive surgery to get it all back to normal.  Should heal to minimal scaring in 6 months.

They have ruled out Melanoma and Basel Cell Carcinoma which is some good news, but thats about as far as the good news went.

Hand great dinner with friends that night which helped alot.

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Saying Good Bye Feb 03

My blog is all over the place, it has computer stuff, and personal stuffed mixed all over the place.  My latest stuff has been really technical and good for others to see as I’m doing something very cutting edge.  But overall this blog is about me.

I’ve not really mentioned that over the last 3 months I’ve been visiting the medical establishment a little more that i would like.  I have had a lump on my lip that ended up in surgury last week to remove.  Tommorow I find out if i do the cancer thing again.  But thats tommorow.

Now is about saying a final good bye to Steve. I still haven’t really accepted he is gone.  For the last four years he has been the voice at the end of the phone I could talk to about everything.  We built upon 5 years of being local friends to four years of being remote.  Our friendship got even stronger with me leaving to take up a new life in Japan.  When I first got here he was always there at the end of phone to support me, just as he had supported me all the time I was in the UK.

I wanted to go back to say goodbye but my surgury appointmet prevented that.  I also wanted to go back to grieve, and say goodbye.  Now I’m left with the remote feeling of grief. I can’t quite get it all out of system yet.  Will see how it goes.

Steve, I miss you so much already, not hearing your voice at the end of the phone is not right.

Rest easy my friend, you did what you said you would and fought to the end.  My love always.


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