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The Tyranny of Freedom Jan 07

Over the last year I’ve been hearing alot about Tyranny and Freedom, often mixed into the same sentence.  I’ve heard similar topics going home.  They all seem to condense down to that key issue:

If you don’t agree with everything I believe and want then you must be a

(a terrorist, liberal, conservative, progressive, homosexual, straight, immigrant, Arab, Asian, western, environmentalist, (put here anyone you disagree with), Christen, Islamic, Jewish, just keep putting more, cos I’m our out, or rather can’t be bothered listing more, there is so many that people want to object to.(oh, we could start on color as well, but my point is now made).

What happened to just being different from someone else, because if you really think about it we are all uniquely different from each other.  Nearly all of us have different DNA.

I think in a way the modern media is responsible. I won’t use the word blame as the new world of instant communications and access to world events is just a natural evolution of where we are as a species.  We now have near instant access to all the information we could possible want to feed our fears, and unfortunately there is no shortage of people or information that is quite happy to feed this.

In my early life time there was limited communication and you really had to go out of your way to find information that may feed your specific paranoia.  now its just search and click. 

What i think is a little sad is that its just so readily available now.  Want to hate your neighbour for mowing his lawn in a diagonal well fine the site and there it is a how community for you.

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