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The domain name change is now complete.  The new name of has been moved to the team in New Zealand who specialize in early childhood education.  They approached me in 2009 to ask if they could use the domain name.

I was deeply reluctant as I had used the footsteps name for 9 years and was quite comfortable with it.  My first thought was how much would they pay and what were they doing.  In my reply to them I specified i would only give up the domain name to a really good cause.

Well as it happened they did have a good cause.  I have few causes that I dontate to, well two really, one being cancer research, as its well its part of my life as a cancer survivor, the other is investment in child education.  I myself have four sponser children and was delighted to get a letter the other day that one of mine has grown up and left the program to continue her education.

 The Linmark Team, or now as they can be Know Footsteps team in New Zealand provide child education and work hard to provide it to all children.  They are certified by the New Zealand education board and want to do the best they can to educate our children.

It is with profound respect and privilege that I can something to help this. 

The domain name of  belongs with them.  The give our children new footsteps into the world by education, and that is how it should be.

You can still get to here from there, and they keep a link to this site.

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