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Tokyo – Venice of the East Nov 24

After spending many months now walking around the near seaside area’s of Tokyo and now living on an island in the Tokyo bay area I’m really surprised at how things are seen differently.

If you look at google earth and see pics of Miami and all the waterways and massive residential development on anything with water next to it.  Then compare that to Tokyo and all the islands and waterways here you would think that Tokyo would be full of expensive seaside residences. 

The case however is very different.  Nearly all of the seaside here has been turned into commercial and industrial space.  Ports aside, its incredible how all these islands have not been developed for people. 

This is really east meets west.  But also if you dig a little into history is does make some sense.  When i first floated moving here my japanese colleagues where asking “why move there, its reclaimed land and bad for earthquakes”.

Not an invalid suggestion either.  Alot of Tokyo is on reclaimed land on the island of Daiba used to be a rubbish dump!  And lets face it earthquakes are a big issue here along with Tsunami’s (this is the place where the word came from!).

One factor of taking this apartment was that the building had been constructed with all that in mind and has foundation down into the solid earth (as solid as you can get here) and is designed to survive a Kobe strength quake.  Tsunami with Tokyo bay are also negligible  given the shape of the bay and entrance to the ocean.

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