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The United States of China (USASAR) Nov 27

I think I might be reaching exhaustion point with the American political system.  They seem to have really lost the plot somewhere. 

The big debate now is the healthcare system and because of the huge investment the private medical insurance companies have in this game the loyalty money is being thrown around like its a (oh I forget the name of the mexican celebration animal every hits – will remember it shortly).

What i can’t quite figure out is that most many American have not yet worked out that a national health system works better.  How can i say that well every other first world country other than the US has one, and sure we have our complaints about it, but it sure seems an awful lot better that what you guys have.

Isn’t it ironic that the key players supporting private medical care as the system forward already have really great medical plans?  I am sure Sarah Palin would find it a different world if her son Tripp with down syndroyns was denied care because she had him after a certain age.  Bet you didn’t think of that one Sarah, but guess what, the system you keep advocating will get around to doing that far soon that a government will get around to death panels (which was a complete and total lie, and been fully debunked by all).

I have now a new suggestion after seeing just how incredibly stupid the senators who pro port to represent the American Public are.  America may be the No 1 economy in the world, but whom does it own most of its money to for all those credit card debits and government loaning.  Umm that would be China! 

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