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The move is on! Nov 23

After quite a bit of trepidation I’ve given notice on my old place (actually this entry is quite ahead).  We gave verbal notice on the 1st of October and it was confirmed in writing after they accepted my application for the new place.

No going back now as the written termination notice is final! Some good points of the new place is that its brand new and the apartment has never been lived in (wow two in a row, how lucky am I).  Also the building is very very pet friendly, there is even a dedicated pet entrance with wash down area and a dedicated grooming room!

The location also is quiet unique in Tokyo.  The island is a joint venture between the government, local council and private enterprise.  The whole island has been landscaped and designed for human living.  There whole perimeter of the island is one big walkway with trees and right next to the sea/canal.  Its not quite all residential as smack in the middle of the island is the major Tokyo Sewage Water Reclamation station!

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