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Living without Internet (almost) Nov 05

Its been over a week now and I don’t have internet in the apartment yet.  Very odd its going to take three weeks for USEN to install the connection.  I was blown away that it would take so long as everything in Japan is normally really efficient.

We tried to get it installed faster, but a factor of living in Japan is that when something is going to take X amount of time it is going to take X amount of time.  Forget trying to speed it up!

The good news is that from looking at my connection box it will actually be a full fibre connection to the box in my apartment.  Will be interesting to see just how fast everything is with fibre.  My old building was on ‘fibre’ but the distribution within the building was shared.  Honestly I was never unhappy with the connection there it was very fast and most of the time it was waiting for the sites to respond.

I also had really great speed for downloads and torrents.  My connection to work was also really great and just as fast as being there!.

So back on topic, no internet except for going to the common lounges for access.  It was fine the first couple of days, but I’m not starting to feel really cut off from things.

I’ve realised that my life here in Tokyo is very dependant on a good internet connection.  It provides not just my email, but also my TV programs, news and telephone connections. 

I do have a phone connection, but international calling on local telecoms is prohibitively expensive. 

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