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Lets finish it already. Nov 02

Well all going well, but I have no internet!  Luckly I can get wireless internet in the lounges here for free.  Not a bad thing for work and also the online games i play that need quite alot of attention!

Slow day as its now a relax day.  One thing of note is that on Saturday the washing machine packed a sad after the second load?  I tried everything but it kept coming up with an error.  Damn these computerized appliances.  I followed all the instructions they gave me and it still came up with an error.

I phoned the concierge desk and they told me that a full english speaking person would not be available until Sunday, not big deal at all.  Well an hour later (and we are talking like 8pm and night one of the staff turned up with the maintenance man to have a look at it.

End result was that the outlet filter was completely clogged up with junk (and could not have been me as one load of washing won’t do that).  They were so nice and loved Tonto who was all over them!

Phone call on Sunday from the management to check i was happy as the team who had come at 8pm on Saturday were so worried that there lack of english was a problem.  I assured them that i was completely happy and deeply appreciative of the efforts they had gone to. 

Everything is now falling to place thou and some order from the chaos  is forming.  The main rooms layout is looking good. The bathroom area is in place.  Now it just a matter of sorting out the pantry and closets.  The huge storage cupboard has loads more space in it even with all my books and travel stuff in it and the while I’m not sure of the final bedroom layout I’m going to let the place now fall into a natural flow and go from there.

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