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Least Corrupt Country in the World Nov 27

I few days ago I read an article in the news that there had been a survey of the corruption in each country.  Its a regular report that comes out each year.  In this report 2009 the least corrupt country is New Zealand.  

While a nice result I’m not entirely surprised.  

Full Disclosure.  I am a natural born citizen of New Zealand and somewhere between 2nd or 3rd generation.  It doesn’t really matter I am a Kiwi and thats what matters.

We have been renowned for many things, (most traveled, best sailors, etc etc) and lets not forget our sheep!

And before you go thinking no crime, opps we have that. within a population figure of 4mil people we have plenty of that thanks!  But are we corrupt.  No I don’t think we are, and it nice to see on the world stage we are still Nuclear Free and the least corrupt. 

And before anyone slams me that we are corruption free I wasn’t saying that.  But compared to the rest of world we are. Thats a nice thing to know about my home.  I want to go back very much and will return within the next few year.  Over 10 years away is long enough.  With all my travels I’ve seen amazing things.

But when i really put it all into place, NZ really does come out ahead.  My own country may have really disliked all the green and conservation measures done many years ago, but now they are really showing just how right it was.  You want clean and green go see my home.

 I’ll give just one simple little example of this.  25 years ago my school held regular go and clean the streets of rubbish thrown out of cars.  That means 25 year and following ages who would never even think of throwing rubbish out the car window.  why is New Zealand clean, well we want it that way and have been brought up thinking that way.

 I saw once in the UK someone just drop a sandwich wrappter out the window, the thinking was someone one will clean it up.  The real answer is don’t do it.  Now we live in the age of recycling and I hope my country has taken that onboard as well.  (and trust me I’ve had some disagreements with that while living there).

 New Zealand is a clean and green country.  It has some of the most amazing scernery in the world (trust me I’ve seen alot of the world).  It still a young country and playing on that quite well.

 So yes, the least corrupt country in the world, and also my home.



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