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Going Rouge – Just where is rouge going. Nov 24

Today I watched the following webclip

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it really made me think.  I recall many years ago with a local election in my own country and my father asked me which party I would vote for.  I was very young and replied well x party had a good advert.  He then correctly asked me why?  I was very young, but odd my answer at 14 years old seems very similar to these people. 

 I’ll happily concede that the clip was taken from a certain point of view and would only demonstrate the views of the clip producers.  I did however think that a couple of the people did express cognitive arguments that should be well considered.  Others were just completely blank and didn’t see that the packaging was far better than the actual contents.

Did you ever have the present which looked huge and just had layers and layers of wrapping until it was actually just a really small thing inside.  Well thats Sarah Palin.  Lots of pretty wrapping with no substance.  I find it shocking that so many Americans don’t’ actually see this. 

I’ll put it put blank. The women is a total fraud.  She managed to get into politics and the governship of Alaska by appealing to the ‘average joe’.  (and thats not a bad thing as I am average Joe and come from a very average joe family).  I’ll also give some concession that she might have even done some good things in here time as governor, but she’s not got the right stuff to do the job.

She resigned from the position for no apparent reason at the time, but the highly suspected book deal was a fairly good factor.

Now she has abandoned the very hard job of being Governor (and held accountable for that position) to being a political was that still holds huge media appeal.  People of Alaska, she didn’t leave the job to make your lives better by here ‘higher calling’.  She left because it got to tough and the spotlight was on her.  Then there was a great opportunity to publish a book that is making her even more money. 

Now who would you prefer, someone who is really honest and does a good job and takes a hit on the pay.  Or someone who takes the best deal for her and frack the state she was elected to represent.  I mean how obvious can it be.

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