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14 hours to internet again. Nov 24

Wow, I have really noticed just how tied up my modern life is with the internet.  I think its become a real component of my life here as its my connection to the western world.

Living in the UK I had a full time internet connection and did use it alot, but here it has become a life line.  A normal international phone call is horrifically expensive from here and having skype drastically reduces that.

I’ve also become quite used to getting my news almost real time from the web.  Add onto that entertainment its been a challenge!  Also I used to work from home alot and can’t do that either (maybe not such a bad thing there).

I thought it would be easy getting an internet hook up here, but its turned into quite the challenge.  My old building was instant hook up, but this new building even thou its newer is quite another story.  I think the issue has been because in this building we have fibre to door. 

I am now thinking I should have told them just send me the box and i can hook it up myself.  Apparently i have to wait until and engineer can come and install the box for me.  Suspect he will be here about 15mins max!

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