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We Lost the Olympics. Oct 02

I just read now that Tokyo lost the bid for the 2016 Olympics.  I read the statement made available to why it should come here.  I cannot agree more on them.

Knowing Japan as i currently do they are probperly one of the few cities that can not only host the games, but also turn a profit from it,and also make it amazing.

It would be 15 years ways, and given Japan it would take probably 5 of them to sort out how to do it.  But never underestimate my host country.  When they decide on how to do something I really know nothing would stop them from making them the most amazing games ever.

did i mention they weill make a profit from it.  not because they will cut corners, really its because they know how to do things.

Lets put a few facts up here 3 years ago my countries population was a little larger than 3 million people.  Just a starting figure.  The Shinagawa rail/subway station deals with that number of people on a daily basis.

To make it clear ONE of the major railway stations here in Japan can process and move the entire population of my country in one day.

To make it really clear an evident that just the daily turnover for that station, then add in  all the other commuters who go through other stations. You get the gist.

If Tokyo had to deal with all visitors from the olympics it would just be  busy day to them. 

I’m sad to hear that Tokyo will not host the games as i really think they could show the world something about how it can be done.  My colleagues and team here are some of the best people I’ve ever worked with.  Give a clearly defined process and its done.

To expand thou more sometimes a set procedure wont’ work.  but that a part of the wonder of living here. 

I’m really sad that Tokyo won’t host the games. As a resident here I think they missed something amazing and an opportunity to show just how amazing Japan is and getting things done.

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