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The movers have arrived. Oct 29

I’ve taken two days of work to do the move and 9am on the 29th October they arrived (or more specially 9:05am!)

They have started packing everything up, and its now just pack it all and clean behind them.  The moving company was Crown Lines and while I guess it was not the cheapest prices i could have gotten it is the mover of recommendation from my company and they have a good reputation. 

I covered what was involved in the actual move before and given that time was short I didn’t have time to go looking for other quotes and have also heard from a couple of other people who used the ‘cheap’ movers and would not recommend them.

Tonto was around for the first hour of the move and found it a wonderful experience having other people in the house and so many things moving around.  He got into everything and just a little underfoot!  I did however arrange for him to goto doggy day care at Dog Inc (web link to come) and when Yamada-san arrived he was more than happy to go off to play with his friends.  Dog Inc really came through as well and picked him up from the old apartment and dropped him off at the new one!  (washed and groomed!).

The moving team were brillant and finished the pack up at about 2pm.  I had time to go and pick up the new key, get back for final rough clean of the place, then be back at Shibaura in time for them to begin the unload.  Then the chaos began….


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