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The fight against Tyranny and Freedom Oct 09

Actually two different concepts, but i”m going to stay on topic for one message.  That of freedom!

Over the last year I’ve followed American politics and learnt a great many things.  I’m not an expert but think i have a good handle on the basics.

The right wing TV channel (aka Fox News) is always going on about the fight against both topics and will basically do anything to find fault with the current administration in the US.

They say the fight for freedom is a core aspect that everyone should oppose the changes to everything going on.  I would just like to focus on one very specific area of that.

Within the healthcare system of the US you really only get health insurance if you are working.  And for a fair part those people with good health insurance don’t really care about the reforms being proposed.

But!  What about all those people who are afraid to leave their current job because it will result in them leaving the health care plan!  And lets not be delusional here there are many many people who are stuck in jobs they don’t like but won’t leave because of the healthcare insurance paid for by there employer.

Where is the freedom in that?  Thats not freedom!  If you want to put it into another English language word its called servitude.  You can’t leave the job because of certain reasons.

I think many people have lost the difference between capitalism, free enterprise and being trapped by it.  I have no issue with either.  But if you don’t want to leave your job because of certain reasons such as healthcare benefits are you not trapped in the job you have to work in?

This is just an outsider looking in, but I would ask don’t keep going on about freedom as you do because for those of us who live in countries with good health care systems we just see you as plebs to the big insurance companies who take you money and will find every opportunity to deny paying out.  I don’t have to give examples, just go ask your friends on when they were denied a claim. 

Have a think about it, then put your support where you think it might be better placed.



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