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Putting it into place. Oct 03

Today was supposed to be a full day of just organizing everything, but the weather and a friend had other idea’s.

Curtis phoned as asked if we would be interested in heading upto the imperial palace for a walk around it (and him a 4km run) as the day was just a wonderful mid autumn day with sun shining it was a brilliant idea.  Tonto and I took a cab up there and then we spent a wonderful morning walking around the palace and just enjoying being outside.

We later headed up to Akihabara for some television buying.  As i now had room for a nice big flat screen i was ready to buy one.  Curtis was along as my interpreter (the store does have English speaking staff, but its generally easier with a fluent speaker along).

It all was going okay with me picking the Sharp model I had seen before, but after saying I wanted the Sharp model i took another good long look at the Panasonic model right next to it and really looking at it the Panasonic did have a deeper black picture.

I have spent alot of time reading reviews of HD tv’s and will confess its so confusing.  A techo geek i know here had just brought a new TV and didn’t like the Panasonic brand, but every review online I have read always puts them in the top five.  When last at home Dad also had me help him get a new flat screen and it was a Panasonic.  On the plane back i oddly read a review of flat screen TV’s in NZ and the one he got was listed as the top model!  So after the shop guy had presented all the paper work for the Sharp i changed my mind! $300 extra change my mind, but he was happy about that as he still had the sale and more money.

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