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Moving along Oct 02

Well, all the events of the last few months have come a to a point.  My apparment is up for renewal and I started to look around.  I found a new place that is in the same Tokyo city with a similar commute to work and has more space, lower rent and the most stunning views!

 I’m moving to this to this location

Take a tour of the site, it actually doesn’t really quite cover how nice this area is.  So the big question, why cheaper.  Well my apartment here in Shirokanedai is in the exclusive suberb fo well Shriokandedai!  I do have a wonderul place here with a brillant view from my windows. Its quiet and the suberb is really nice.   Its also on one of the top places to live the Tokyo.

 However I am paying to live in a top place and granted great views, but by moving a few kilometers north into a new building a get the most stunning oceans views, more space, slightly lower rent and the same commute time to work. 

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