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More chaos and some order Oct 30

How the hell did I accumulate so much stuff!  It very scary how much stuff you have!

I’ve started the process of putting it all away, but not at all happy about the layout.  My first thoughts on it were totally stupid and i wasn’t thinking it through.  I think some assumptions based on my old place come into mind.  After sitting and looking at it all, then pulling out the measuring tape I came up with a new plan.  I also wanted to get a nice big TV as lets face it 42inchs of TV is awesome.  There was however no way i could have the dining room table, my desk and tv in the same room.

I toyed with idea of putting the desk into the small room, but after talking with a friend I came to the realization that I spend alot of time at my desk working on stuff, and also like to have the TV on with something mildly interesting to watch (as I am now).

So thinking outside of the box I got to thinking how often do I really use my dining room table.  Trust me I’m not getting rid of it.  A solid English oak table, its not leaving my possession ever!  I love that table!

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