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Its Official – I’m moving Oct 15

The last details of my new apartment came through i the last couple of days and I’m moving to a new home.  Today the moving company rep came and did a full assessment of my stuff.  Apparently i have 500cubic feet (or 14sq metres) of stuff to move!

I think that the assessment was done on a very broad basis as they are going to just come in a pack it all and move it with little compression of stuff.  But thats okay the company came back with a very fair price that is acceptable.

The moving cost will be approx $1400 USD for the accessed 500cubic metre’s and before you say that’s expensive let me outline exactly what will be included and will happen.

1.  They will turn up on the day and then line the entrance of the building to the lifts with plastic siding, and the lift and from the lift to my apartment.  This is to ensure no damage occurs to my stuff or the building.

2.  They will then pack everything in the apartment for me.  Taking apartment that stuff which is to big for the lift.  I have asked for boxes to pack a few things myself, but the overall service is everything i have moving (inlcuding my bike).

3.  When they arrive at the new place they will line the pathway with more plastic siding to ensure no damage.

4.  They will move and assemble everything back to where i want it.

Its also the same company that moved my stuff into the current apartment and I was totally impressed with all the care they took 4 years ago so quite happy to use them again.

Seeing movers in Japan is quite something as the care these teams take with you stuff is quite something.  After seeing the way the UK movers moved my stuff to the truck and the damage they caused to the house Japan is light years ahead.  Obviously I’ll comment back if things go bad, but this is a large company that specialize in this stuff.  They also provided a very generous discount given that while its a company to company apartment I am footing the bill for the move.

A very brief explanation is that I live in a house which the company has the lease for.  I pay all the bill’s so this is no expat deal.  The reason for this is as a gaijin in Japan trying to secure an apartment/home is not easy as there are so many requuirements you must meet.  Where as if the company holds the lease the rental people are very happy.  Again I want to stress this is not an expat deal or anything like it. 

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